What can we work on in ourselves? - “God sticks”



Yesterday I went to an AA meeting with my partner. Every once in a while the meetings use what they call “God sticks”. Each person pulls a popsicle stock out of a container that says a topic for their own discussion. I got “patience”. We both laughed at my stick as I am a very impatient person. But during the meeting I could help but think that this stick truly was given to me from God. I think it was some kind of a sign that I need to be patient in this path I am on with a partner who suffers in this disease. I need to be patient and trust that all the work we are putting in together will lead us to everything we dream of.

I think it is important to look deeper and reflect today on what you may be lacking and what your “God stick” may say.

Thank you for reading.



Healing in recovery takes way longer than we think! Patience in this journey is so vital :slight_smile: <3 thanks for sharing @LexiNico!