What do you think your loved one likes about drugs or alcohol?


Understanding the “why” behind our loved one’s drug and alcohol use can be helpful in improving our relationship with them. What do you think are the outcomes that your loved one is seeking when they drink or use?


My loved one seeks to ‘shut his brain off’. He says he gets stuck with the thoughts in his head and just wants to turn it off and relax. He’s also explained how he doesn’t experience joy in life without drugs. His perception of glamorizing the benefits of using makes motivation to quit very difficult.


HI @rltybites,
Like many people, your loved one has a common desire to “turn down the volume” of the thoughts in his head. He will need to learn some other ways to quell these thoughts. It can happen. They may not totally cease, but he can learn this control.

Is there anything you do together that you enjoy so much that these thoughts don’t intrude?
@PeerGroup5- do any of your “people” have techniques for quieting down the noise that you can share with the group?


Hi @Thinkstet,
It’s encouraging to hear that this is a common issue and there is relief to be found!
That’s a really good question, and I’ll look into his thoughts. I know he likes to play basketball, jam to music, or hike (but we live in Kansas so hiking is not preferred). There are days it’s so intense he just ‘sleeps’ it off.
I would appreciate hearing other’s experience and how their loved one manages.