What exactly do you do to stay clean everyday?



What emotions are you experiencing?

Are you struggling right now?

How are you taking care of yourself?


Thanks for asking such a great question @Heavendreamer! These are questions we can ask our loved one’s who are struggling with substance use. I also invite anyone who is in recovery to chime in here and give an answer!

I asked my brother these questions this morning and he said:
Today he was feeling motivated, anxious, and determined. He shared that because this is his first winter in 18 years (he lived in Israel for the past 18 years) he is struggling with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which I can totally relate to! He is taking care of himself by making sure he gets up to take a walk during the day when it’s light out while he is at work. He also really appreciated me asking him these questions!


Great question! For myself, I only think about today. If I find my obsession is too much I’ll call someone in a 12 step program, exercise, ride my motorcycle or journal. It’s hard to get the monkey off my back but I have found that I can rely on these tools and stay sober. Calling is my go to, by talking about my obsession I can acknowledge my feelings and the compulsion is diminished. I can usually get to the root of my problem, running away from reality/stuffing my feelings, so if I talk about my feelings the urge to use goes away. Hope this helps!! Have a great day!


Inviting @Lulu @shawn or @Monica_Swift to share some of their insight here?!


the emotions I am experiencing, is content. if that’s a feeling I mean. lol before I felt shame, and I was very down on myself, due to me falling off.
But I cant change what happened, so now I am just content. what I usually do to take care of myself, I work out, spend time with family, meetings. but when I feel like going out there again, the last thing I want to do is do the right thing, which I really need to work on. that’s my main struggle right now, moving my feet to make the right decision.


Thanks for sharing @Belcherkid12!