What Makes Me So Happy about This Weekend



I am feeling so happy because my son (29) visited my home for the first time since the Pandemic began, and since we both learned a TON about how to be with ourselves it was a wonderful reunion. I had some pretty heavy things to talk to about with him which needed to be done eye to eye. [We are a 50’s style-cornucopia family of fun addiction highlights]…

I took the **Course **last fall, and it helped me reframe and refocus my role in his world. (butt out buttinski)
Many months later I had a great one on one sesh with @erica to refine how I wanted to talk with my son. etc… about a specific conversation. That was so helpful for me.

I asked him for permission to talk about this heavy topic and would he be open to talking about it.:white_check_mark:

I asked him what his plan was, he started telling me his “Grand Plan” and I was more like, “No, I mean, what’s your sobriety plan for this weekend?” He said, “oh, i’ve been X-nay on aaaaacohol-yay for two-weeks” . And… KIDS WHAT A SIGH…
oh I was so happy to be able to have THAT conversation with him. And be OK GREAT! I’m SO Interested In hearing how I can be available… etc. without it .WHAT A SIGH
and ALSO Super grown-up sobriety point for me, I was great- I didn’t drink with him or on the weekend.
The “no- you go ahead, no problem” has not been something I have come to rely upon. So. I am

because #$%^&*it. I want to allow myself to celebrate good things, too on this site.

I believe our beloveds will accomplish what they wish.
I am so happy to be in close communication- EVERY TIP… I am so grateful.
I’m sending a virtual gardenia to each of you.

My Time, and G-d’s time, universe time, muffin time…
still grateful. xo


Thank you for sharing your win! So inspiring to see how you’ve used this program to grow closer with your son. My heart is singing for you and that gardenia is absolutely breathtaking! I think it’s a bloom of courage and love for you.


Thanks, Maria, @Mbriesyoga! I said that I had a 1 on 1 session with Clare, but I misspoke: it was Erica L ! I was able to review my notes before my son arrived and it helped remind me the key communication tools. I used them all. I am so hopeful. I know that this recovery stuff isn’t ever “fixed or over” but I am so so glad I learned a new way to interact with my son that allows me to maintain some integrity over my self care and still be an advocate for him on his journey. Thanks, @Jane, Thanks, @Erica!


@mbriesyoga You know that I am in full allegiance with you to your choices for your reasons with ye olde spouse. I am super proud of you, btw. I never met him and I’m sure you have amazing qualities. But it is always different with kids to husbands, Cie la vie.

Things continuing well with my son. All good hearted.


So good to hear your wins @Thinkstet and we are just as grateful for you and the way you support everyone in this community, the levity you bring, and the good work you do to stay open to trying new ways of being and interacting to get the best results with your son - that’s exactly what we aim to support you in through our course and coaching and am so glad it’s given you tools to take with you into the future!