What one thing have you done (or will you do) today to take care of you?



Being constantly concerned about someone else’s substance use or recovery can take over when someone we love is struggling. But the more we take care of ourselves the more we have to give others and the more we can see possibilities - which is vital as we support someone through substance use recovery. So, what one thing have you done (or will you do) today to take care of you?


This might not sound like much, but lately my self care is as simple as drinking a cup of tea. The weather is so dry and it’s getting colder and my body is seeking out something warm, comforting, hydrating. Also the process of heating the water and choosing a tea is soothing to me. It’s a minute to slow down. Drinking it forces me to slow down and appreciate this small moment. I even bought a new electric tea kettle and I’ve never been a huge tea person so trying out new ones is kind of fun.

I also have a morning practice that took years to put into place but now I can’t start a weekday without it. I wake up early, drink my coffee, read from my Al-Anon daily reader or another inspirational book, journal out my thoughts and feelings, my intention for the day, a short gratitude list, and then finally my to-do list. It sounds like a lot but it’s very simple and grounding.

Thanks for this question, Jane. Interested to hear how others are caring for themselves today and every day.