What podcasts have been helpful for you?



@Bjefferson here is a link to the Armchair Expert episode with Johann Hari: https://armchairexpertpod.com/pods/johann-hari


Your Partner’s Addiction has been so helpful for me. Thank you @Karilyn <3


I love In Recovery and Dopey Podcast.


Aw, thank you! I’m so glad :heart:


Dr. Drew hosts a good one

Beyond addiction


Last Day by Stephanie Wittels
I’m also listening to Dopey, your partners addiction & in recovery
Enjoy & good luck


I listen to The Addicted Mind and The Funky Brain regularly also Dharmapunx is Wonderful with Josh Korda. Sometimes I listen to the Sober Therapist, I listen to Beyond Bitchy which is about boundary setting. This week, on Don’t Ask Tig, her guest is Ester Perel, who is just beyond wonderful, and she has some nice things to say and it’s a lot of laughs.

Good podcast to listen too? Alan-on online meetings?