What to do on visit



I want to see my son so now I just turn my head when he smokes his drugs , I mean I don’t want to argue every time I see him . I’ve done that for the 10 years


I have had to do the same thing even though it kills me. Just try to keep the peace. My counselor says that I am a “professional eggshell walker”…funny and sad all at the same time. I am only keeping the peace until my youngest enters rehab this Saturday. I don’t want to spook him and have him MIA instead of home so I can take him to the rehab facility.


Hey @JoMama & @Samatha,

I will say that when I’m going to visit, I try to give a lot of ALL CLEAR s when he was in active addiction. I would text, call, call, Arghhhhh… Still, when he was so ill his head was giving him little or no advice. His shame and my fears disconnected us. At the same time our only hope for reconnection was to address the reality of our situation. We had to come together, in love, to fight this. Sometimes I feel super pissed off at him, sometimes I have everlasting mercy, but all the time I believe he will find the strength to live in health.

Praying for Saturday, JoMama.