What's your "go to" phrase, verse, or saying that calms your worries and gives you strength?



In the end, it’s all OK, if it’s not all OK, it’s not the end.

This helps to settle my hyperbolic mind when I begin to imagine stories about what is happening in the absence of real information. Saying this little saying to myself reminds me to ask, if my fearful scenarios are in fact, fact.

What about you?


I love that saying! Thank you! What a great way to think about fear and uncertainty. Difficult times can appear never ending, but the reality is that “no feeling is final” (Rilke) we have to “just keep going”.


I don’t have sayings per say, but when things aren’t going well, I always remind myself of all the things I have to be grateful for. I remind myself that i’ve gotten through worse. I remind myself “Everything is temporary.” Impermanence…nothing stays the same. And boy is it true. Good times, bad times, good relationships, bad relationships are always evolving, ending, changing, etc. Being ok with this concept has helped me a lot. Not always easy.

Living in the present helps a ton too. I once heard this quote from another villager and it sticks with me: “Expectations are premeditated resentments.” Boy do I use this one a lot.


@mbriesyoga- I like “no feeling is final,” too. I am so prickly to feelings in general that I am only now learning how to just sit through an uncomfortable thought until it passes. :sweat_smile:
The Reset bit that they taught me in THE COURSE has been helpful to give me a way to practice handling difficult feelings.

Hope you’re doing well. It looks to be a storm here this weekend, so that will be fun.


Hi Jess, thanks for your contribution about expectations. It’s hard to learn to stop living a little forward of ourselves. I have not been able to completely “knock it off” but I am learning. When I feel anxious I often stop and ask if I am thinking in the past or in the future or in the present. Most of the time it’s not the right now. Once I get my feet settled back on the ground and resettle in the present my anxiety subsides and I can think more clearly.

Thank you. I hope you get to take the COURSE. The class is really a sweet community, especially in this %^&*(storm of a world, and the material has helped me and my dear beloved walk a more loving path.