Any examples of people successfully transitioning off suboxone?



Expanding on the topic of MAT - any examples of people in recovery getting off suboxone successfully and what’s that journey like?


It’s a very slow one for me. I was planning on starting a year ago but then got diagnosed with Lupus which was followed by several other things that all had to do with chronic pain, and my doc and I had a talk and decided it was best to stay on for awhile longer because there were going to be other doctors throwing pain meds at me like crazy. Well the whole “opiate” epidemic has happened and not many people are getting pain pills anymore. Lol. So I felt safe emough to start the taper but because of the lupus it has to be done slowly or I’ll have flares from lupus not suboxone. Plus I have high anxiety issues and I’m not good with change. Everyone is different of course and it depends on how long you’ve been on them and how much you take everyday. There are some FB groups on suboxone and they talk a lot on there about how they have tapered off. I would go on there and join a couple groups. They are very supportive and will answer any questions you may have