Do you know anyone who has tried the Affect app?


Good morning!

I happened to stumble across this app today & I’m excited to present it to my husband - it looks like a really positive resource with great reviews that would actually work for him. I feel like due to his ADHD, the contingency management aspect would be the perfect dopamine boost for him. They even take his insurance! I’d just love to here input from this community.


hI @va.ra - thanks for the show and tell. I’ve not heard of this app and will be watching it from now on. It looks like an interesting proposal. A lot of people who live far from others, or are too shy to bring themselves into company may benefit from this approach. Let us know how your husband responds and if he starts to use it, how it goes. :sunflower:


Thank you for sharing @va.ra - what a great resource and they take insurance! I did notice they do not treat opioid addiction, but for those with addictions to alcohol and stimulants, who are put off by in-person treatment, this could be super helpful. :raised_hands:

Please do keep us updated on how it’s working for you and your husband.


Interesting @va.ra. Do you know what the cost is?


From what I can tell, it doesn’t cost anything - it takes insurance & actually it pays the user for completing certain tasks. We ended up not looking into it further due to it not treating opioid addiction.