Do you think telemedicine for addiction counseling and MAT would work for your loved one?



There have been some new laws passed that are allowing more options for addiction treatment and like new-age style telemedicine approaches…meaning our loved one’s in need of professional help could speak to a therapist and / or doctor without having to leave the privacy of their own home. This could be game-changing in terms of cost and accessibility - not having to wait weeks to get good treatment.

What do you think? Have you heard of this or is this new news? Would this work for you and your loved one? What are your questions?


Yes I think it would definitely be worth a try, improving accessibility and convenience.


This sounds amazing. Regarding MAT - it can be difficult to find providers who prescribe Suboxone (my son is currently having a hard time finding a doctor).

I think if the person is already engaged in recovery and this is used as maintenance it would work really well, however I worry about how effective this would be for someone in early recovery. Part of recovery is connecting so getting out of the house for counseling is never a bad idea, and if the person is isolating this wouldn’t address the isolation.

Just a few thoughts!


Very interesting! I wonder if it might reduce the barrier to entry to treatment in early recovery. Speaking to a therapist or doctor without needing to leave the privacy of their home might be a good first step for someone to seek out something more social/connection-based. :thinking: