Experience with long-term suboxone use?



I talked about my husband’s suboxone use a few years ago in this thread, when he was working on tapering off. It was a really difficult experience for him, and he ultimately did not end up being able to get off the medication completely. He’s still taking it, and still very much dependent on it. He doesn’t abuse it, but I know he’s tired of taking it. The withdrawals when he tries to quit are just too strong, though.

Wondering if anyone else has a loved one who has been taking suboxone for 10+ years, and/or has successfully tapered off completely?


Hi, I do have experience with Suboxone. I was a heroine addict for 45 yrs, since I was 15. I tried methadone a few times, it worked for awhile. 8 yrs ago I was arrested for numerous felonies, was looking at long term prison. But for some reason the judge put me into a program, out patient, and my 1st condition was Suboxone. That was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I have not touched opioids since. It works in the brain, I could get technical, no I couldn’t, lol, but it takes away the cravings, even If I did an opioid I wouldn’t feel it, as it has a blocker in it. Now a person can get a once a month shot instead of a daily pill or strip. Sublocade, but it is tough to kick, suboxen, any variety of it, but being on it is so much better than the alternative, for me at least. I hope your husband can figure out which road is best for him, but any drug, legal or not, has withdrawals, well the drugs I’m speaking of. He may want to get 411 on the shot, it is expensive, but so is it all, but insurance will cover it, mine does. Check it out. God bless and luck to both of you.


Thanks for sharing your experience @Jeanbug. I’m glad you found Suboxone and that it helped you. It has also saved my husband’s life, in so many ways. How long were you taking it? And was it difficult for you to taper off and eventually stop?


I don’t have advice but definitely want to follow this post. My husband has only been on suboxone for about 2.5 years now but he eventually wants to stop and has a lot of fears about it based on other experiences he’s heard about. I hope you find a solution soon!