Going back to pre recovery relationship



Has anybody reconnected with their boyfriend or girlfriend after he/she went trough recovery? After they got their lives in order and found stability? I know every relationship is different and certain people shouldn’t reconnect. I’m still holing out, I can’t help it


Hi @pbuchmann0531 - I don’t have a story of reconnection to share, but my husband is in long term recovery and spent some time in rehab.

Recovery is a life long process, and a life in “order” and “stability” can mean different things to different people - and especially different for people in recovery. It’s completely possible that you might reconnect with your loved one, but I don’t think that going back to a “pre-recovery” relationship is possible, simply because recovery changes people - as it should. If you relationship is rekindled, it will be different, and recovery would become a huge part of it. Loving and supporting someone with SUD takes a lot of work from both partners. I can say my relationship with my husband is stronger now than it was before, and only because we both continue to work hard to support each other.

I wish you the best and whatever happens, the work you’re doing to reach out, look inward, and learn will help you no matter what!