Has anyone experienced possible cheating in rehab?



I’m sorry you’re hurting @Lara. Please take care of yourself. Remember to breathe, and know that you’re not alone.


Thanks so much for sharing this! I agree the mind after 40 years of drinking and drugs and being clean for the first time ever he was like a deer in the headlights! Never saw anyone so confused. Unfortunately my Cardinal rule will always be no cheating to me that the unforgivable sin so he can have his little Ho’s and I’ll find someone who I don’t have to get tested for STDS every time i wants intimacy


Thank you @Jacqui for sharing the video, I appreciate it! It does make complete sense and probably is an indicator of why and he cheated, came out of his rehab programme early (because her program is done) and is now in a full blow relationship on the outside with the girl he cheated on me with in rehab. He is literally obsessed from my understanding. They live together and she was even introduced to our mutual friends. And as I previously mentioned, to this day, a month later, he has never even had the respect to respond to the message I sent him when I found out and confronted him. I have not heard a word from him. No apology, no thanking me, no nothing.
I have been so sad and on the floor the last 4 weeks but today am feeling angry and disgusted for the first time. Disgusted that he chose a 19 year old girl (12 years his junior) over the life that we built. That is something I will never be able to come to terms with. I dont actually even think that he will EVER feel bad or apologise because he is happy and serving his needs now (again). This time in the form of sex and a new relationship, as a substitute for the cocaine. He gyms and exercises every day to get into a routine again and trying to live a clean lifestyle … but what does that help when your BEHAVIOUR is the same. Is the relationship going to last, I dont know. But I am pretty confident that if it doesnt, he will jump straight to the next girl - he is a handsome, attractive and manipulating person. He is what people call, a f*#( boy. And thats never going to change.
I feel literally sick to my stomach today.


Yea mine started screwing anyone that would have him in there!!! I went thru his phone got all the proof I needed! It tore my heart out but I kicked him to the curb! I was the one person on this planet who wanted him to get clean and this is how I get repaid . It’s heartbreaking but they can have his new addiction sex addict I don’t want stds or lies!


@Ellie910 … I have been thinking about you a lot. How are you? What happened since he has been out and you returned from Florida?


Hey there well I got Covid really bad while in Florida I got home and was sick for 2 weeks. But finally over that I thought I had dodged the bullet with the shots etc . He came home a week ago​:sob: showed up at my door expecting sex, it felt like a knife went they my heart there’s nothing more I wanted then to hold him and be with him BUT I can’t forgive his cheating and lying while in rehab I just can’t. I asked him to leave and haven’t heard a word. Guess his whores are keeping him busy so SAD! How are you???:pray::heart:


@Ellie910 … Hi Ellie … aaah I am sorry to here you got covid! But so glad you are feeling better now!
Wow - and also that you had to deal with him coming back and expecting sex from you! It sounds like you are in such a good place, have put boundaries in place and doing very well! I am proud of you and admire your strength! Well done!
My side … he finally, after 7 weeks, responded to my messages where I told him I knew about the affair. Apologised and said he cant face me because he cant deal with the guilt he is feeling of what he did to me and admitted that he is a coward. He then he tried to make arrangements for someone to come and collect his clothes in the same message. I feel the apology is not genuine and he only reached out because he needs his clothes. Also said he wishes me only the best.
I have not responsed or reacted on the message.
I dont think he is feeling guilt at all - he is still seeing the girl he had the affair with, he even posted pics of them on social media - so there is no guilt in my opinion. He also told me in the message how well he is doing physically and mentally and that he has been clean for 65 days. As if I want to know how well he is doing!
So yeah … I am feeling a bit off and the message through me.