Help Me!, My boyfriend blames me for the way he is



My boyfriend is a recovering alcoholic, he recently broke up with me he says he do not want a relationship wouldn’t talk to me and treats me like am nothing. i tried my hardest to support him buy him books show him interest tried talking to him and he still push me away from him. now if i try call or tex him he tells me i need help and i need counseling . I know i shouldn’t let him get the best of me we share a daughter and he has did the same thing to me but he came back i dont know what to think if i should wait to see if he comes around or just forget about him. i know its just hard because its Christmas and he left us right b4 Christmas .

we went through a lot this year but i thought we were back to a better but i felt him drifting from me b4 he actually said he didnt want to be with me. he also struggles with lethargy his mom says he stays in his room all day and dont go out wont talk to her or any other family members. i frequently check his whatsapp some days and i see him typiung having conversations and posting on his social media. I am so scare he found someone else to love. why was it so easy for him to let me go and so hard for me to stop loving him ?