Hi Everyone I just found this group I’m new and I’m having some problems at home


Hello, I just got married about a year ago and have a baby with a man I fell in love with. We met in recovery I am a recovering drug addict. My husband hasn’t been acting himself lately. I was really excited to start a new chapter in my life with a man that I was excited to learn from you had great spirituality who meditated but all these Qualities that I love faded gradually overtime and then I recently began not to recognize him. He is a great father. He’s been sober since we got married about a year ago but things recently have taken a turn for the worst I have a nine-month-old with him and I know he’s a great father because I see him with my son And not only is my son loving your time together playing husband is as well. He’s been a great husband to me being that he would do anything to help me He’s always there for me when when I need a friend I value his advice he’s compassionate he listens to me and he tells me the truth even when I don’t want to hear it. Lately he’s been borderline of you save paper and diapers at me for not mediately on the candy table things like that nature about it situation. You’ve been disappearing because sent over rent money last night. I ask her about A kid gets defensive and abusive so I tried to act like I understand what happen the truth is that he’s been using since February 27 or maybe earlier I don’t now. He’s been gone for the past couple days meaning not home a lot making excuses to leave the house all the time not sleeping in the bed possible he isn’t even home when I’m sleeping I wake up and he still up. I put my foot down because I didn’t know for a fact and I ask medication that comes back as it didn’t really help and The test wasn’t very accurate it had been lines under many drugs. Agreed to let me because we don’t know and can’t account for any of it so he flipped out he was basically going through my things looking for my debit card waking up our baby. Cursing loud. I called the police. They wrote up a report. . He was insisting on my car keys and more money. After the police left We cried together and he told me he needs to make our marriage work. He feels guilt. Shame. He’s very sensitive. I told him he needed to eat and sleep and to let me take care of him for a day or two. But but I thought it was a case of lack of self-care was A two-month relapse. He swore up-and-down that it wasn’t a relapse but I found proof in his phone just now. he’s been sleeping all day getting the rest he needs but I’m confused and I don’t know the right move to make. I have a baby and I feel like I’m always taking care of him and my needs are not being met please give me advice


By the way please excuse any miss spellings or weird sentences I am giving my son a bath and speaking into my phone texting LOL


Perhaps the help he needs isn’t help you can give. You have a new baby and yourself to take care of. Does he want to get clean? Is he honest about using? For you and your child’s safety and well-being I suggest he seek treatment outside the home and not be allowed back home until he has some significant clean time. Just my opinion. I hope you find peace and rest through this process.