How do you deal when your SO has gone to rehab?



Hi there. Today my boyfriend went to detox and then will be in rehab. It sounds like there will be very little contact in the next month or two. I’m extremely scared of the unknowns and sad that I will have to spend so much time away. But I think this will be good for me to focus on myself.

Honestly, I thought about leaving him as this last relapse has been so emotionally taxing. But I decided to stay and support him.

I am posting here to ask for good thoughts and prayers for both of us. I would also love to hear advice or stories of those who have dealt with their loved one in rehab. This is his first time doing any kind of inpatient treatment since we’ve been together. Thank you for reading :heart:


Hey @LexiNico,

My partner just went through inpatient last month for 3 weeks. The first few days I was kind of a wreck, lol. He’d misplaced the paper that my number was written on so he didn’t call me for like 4 days and I didn’t have the number to reach him. UGH.

Then he finally called and I ended up visiting him on every visit day they had until he left.

When I finally calmed down, it was SUCH a relief to know that he was in treatment and I didn’t have to worry about him using. I really focused on myself, how I felt about things, what I would need from him in order to keep the relationship going. I highly recommend seeking out a coach (dm me for recs :wink: ) or therapist to get clear on what you’re feeling and what you need to move forward.

We were also able to have a session together with his therapist while he was still in treatment, and that was really good.

Really dive into your own self care right now. This is the perfect time to work on yourself while he’s working on his issues. The space is so helpful to be able to get perspective.

Sending good thoughts and vibes! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Sending all the good vibes. I remember how great it was when my husband made it into rehab (finally) but then how broken I felt. Like I needed a month holiday too :slight_smile:

I echo @Karilyn with the sentiment of taking extra extra care of you now. I recall I began meditating during this time and that tool really helped me connect back into myself and begin to shed the years of stress.

I know you’re going to want to talk to him and see him (I did.) But try to remember he needs all his energy for healing now so just get heaps of rest and try to remain calm - or let all the tears out with a kind friend, that works too! And keep us posted here too - we are here for you <3


My SO hasn’t yet chosen the rehab route (although I am hopeful for this for the future). I’m keeping y’all in my thoughts and my fingers crossed that he finds what he needs and most importantly THAT YOU FIND WHAT YOU NEED during this time! :pray::slightly_smiling_face::sunflower:


Little update after this post:

He called me today from the detox facility and sounds great! He seems way more optimistic and relaxed. He says the caretakers have been treating him well. He gets out of detox tomorrow and will be beginning inpatient rehab. Getting to talk to him has boosted my spirits and given me so much more hope!

Thanks everyone for being here to help support me in this journey :two_hearts: