I need advise please


My bf just got out of rehab and is completely different. I 100 perfect support his journey and anything I can do to help him. But I don’t know what to say, act etc. I have taken a step back so he can figure out what he needs to do but I don’t want to loose him. Any advice would be appreciated.


Hi @Ballina80, Congratulations to your person for completing this phase of his recovery. Owning his recovery and sticking with it will probably be so much more successful since you support his quest.

You are likely doing a kind thing to give him space to reorient himself to his new reality.
What are you doing to help yourself with this new situation? Are you in therapy or going to a group for support?

I’m curious what others have to say about life immediately post rehab. My son did not come to live with me afterward so I don’t have much context and it’s a different dynamic between parent/child and partner/partner.


Hi @Ballina80 - thanks for sharing here and that is wonderful to hear that your partner has completed rehab! This will be a really difficult time for both of you, as he’s learning how to navigate everyday life without substances, and you’re learning how to support him while taking care of yourself.

I think while you have taken a step back so he can figure out his needs, this is a perfect time for you to figure out your needs. A healthy relationship is one where both people are able to work on themselves and figure out what they need, and then communicate those needs to the other. What are some ways you are taking care of yourself during this time?

Below is a great thread in this community that discusses tips for post-rehab life. Click on the conversation below to read through all the responses!