I'm wondering if lethargy is normal for Suboxone?



My son as you know has just started Suboxone. He is acting weird. He has no affect. Like no interests at all. In his room day and night. He says to leave him alone. Kind of avoids us. Won’t talk much to the family.

He did go to a local concert Friday night with a friend. But that was his only outing for the week.

I’m wondering if this is normal for Suboxone? Or maybe he is just depressed? Or using something else now?? Something about the ex- girlfriend? I can’t figure him out.

I’m grateful he isn’t asking us for money at all. But lately he just seems content to just be in his room.

He does not eat much either. He is watching movies day and night.

Just worried, because last week when he started the subs he was in a much better mood actually was excited. Now not. Seems down and low mood / lethargic.


In my experience with my daughter, she’s been tired/lethargic as well when she’s been on Suboxone. Although, I only spent 4-5 days with her each time she’s been on Suboxone, as she was heading back into treatment each time. I’m not confident my experience is a fair assessment to say how normal lethargy and overall tiredness can last long term.


As someone who’s used Suboxone before to get through pain pill withdrawal, I can say the first 2-3 days I was in a great mood (the shift from being on opiates to not I think). I felt clear-headed and light almost. I was eager and excited. But once I grew used to the Suboxone (which for me didn’t result in a “high” or “euphoric” feeling)… I plateaued out almost. So yes, after that initial new phase for those few days… I then began feeling the actual side effects of Suboxone use. The tired and unmotivated type feelings. Now some of this too I think was depression and anxiety that was seperated from the addiction part of it. Just bc the drug isn’t there, doesn’t mean that an addict is cured and good to go. The process of PAWs (post acute withdrawal syndrome) is very real and one of the most difficult phases of getting away from substance ABUSE. Getting the natural chemical balance back to healthy and functioning… it takes time and without therapy/counseling of a sort and actual effort in one’s Recovery process… my personal opinion is that it would be very difficult to succeed. It isn’t just about removing the drug itself. That’s part of it, yes. But there’s many layers. Suboxone hands down saved me from what could have progressed to way more serious of a situation. I was very fortunate to have received it and stick with the program and be diligent about tapering down and keeping my progress with my psycological development in check. My boyfriend who is a heroin addict is having a much more difficult time with this process, not surprisingly. He hasn’t yet decided to go with the Suboxone route though.


I will add that I was very young too. I was 18 years old during all of this. I think as people get older it’s more difficult to go through and succeed within recovery of any sort.


Thank you so much for sharing @ltd31015 - super helpful context!