Miss treated in a different way today



Hi all

So I won’t go in to too much detail but I have done another post regarding my partner being off with me and grumpy constantly since being back from rehab in November he had a slip in December but has since been ok .

He has been throwing himself in to work which is fine because it keeps him busy.

This morning he was advised that he might have to isolate for 6 days as he had been named as someone who has been in contact with a positive case of covid

He started his usual manipulative things like telling me he wanted to get a baggie to get himself through this time, being a bit of an area he then was quite rude and horrible to me, I’m getting quite used to this when something doesn’t go his way. I got the kids up and gave them breakfast etc then when I went upstairs he started having a go at me saying I was being horrible to the kids ( I took a phone off them because they were arguing about it )

I don’t know why but I flipped but I did it became heated and I said some pretty hurtful things which i know I shouldn’t have it done that… but he did something that he has never done before, he grabbed my neck and pushed me towards the bannister at the top of the stairs , he did that twice during the argument and also kicked me in the back of the leg!

Things have calmed down now so he is upstairs and I’m downstairs we have messaged each other on WhatsApp a few things I have said sorry for saying a few things I shouldn’t have and all he has apologised for is moaning.

I’m not really sure where we can go from here