Rehab with old drug “buddy”?


A person I was dating made the decision to go to rehab 3 weeks ago, spent a week in detox and from what I hear is doing well. He and my sister were drug seeking “buddies” for the past year (they have been friends for years, in fact how I met him)
This week my sister announced she’s ready for rehab but is not sharing any details with me. To add some background, I have always been supportive of her but we had a falling out after our other friend went to detox.
I was not supposed to find ou, but I pried the information out of my mother and she is leaving FOR THE SAME REHAB CENTER. Something about this just strikes me as… fishy.
(The rehab is several states away)


I think it’s great your sister and her friend have decided to take action! My husband has a friend he met in recovery who ended up being part of the reason he eventually relapsed. It was hard for me to trust this friend but now they are both clean and doing well and are actually a really important part of each other’s recovery. They have been through a lot together and understand each other better than I could ever understand what it’s like to be addicted.

Making the choice to go to rehab and detox is a huge step and very scary. I don’t know your sister or the relationships but my first reaction is - maybe knowing her friend was in this rehab helped her make that really tough first step? Maybe it doesn’t seem as scary when she knows there is a familiar face there. Connections, friendships, fellowship are very important in the recovery process. I understand it’s tough to stay positive on a roller coaster like this, and I know I’ve often created narratives in my head of what could really be going on when I’m feeling suspicious. I’ve had to learn to drop those narratives and focus on what I do know, because otherwise my own thoughts just make me crazy.

Love to you during this time! I hope everything goes well. Take care of yourself :pray:t4::sparkles::two_hearts:


My hardest thing with addiction and dealing with my guy through this process is catching myself when I too am creating those worst case scenarios. I find I tend to do this because of the conditioning I’ve made my norm… of always expecting things to go sour. That next ball to drop. So I try to prepare myself for the hurt beforehand by prematurely anticipating the outcome and result of situations. It’s hard not to. It’s how we protect ourselves after so many tumultuous experiences. It’s great to build relationships within this community or at least reach out regularly to have some basis of positivity suggested. It’s great to be able to bitch and vent (I’ve done my fair share lol) but also great that the people in this community Care about one another enough to be honest enough to tell us “hey take a step back sis and let’s reevaluate how were approaching this mindset”. Love it!