Should I be concerned about cheating in rehab?


My husband went away to rehab for 30 days for alcoholism. We weren’t on the best terms before he left. I have been reading that it’s common for people to have affairs while in rehab. Is this something I should be concerned about?


Well, I don’t want to be the glass is half empty guy, but my wife had an affair at rehab. It’s tough, because they are in this forced bonding situation and the lack of dopamine due to not having their drug of choice makes looking for a new "addiction " very appealing. Honestly there is nothing you can do about it, so try to focus on yourself. It was a terrible time for me and I empathize with your driving yourself a bit crazy, but you cannot control his actions and there may be no need to worry regardless. I strongly advise you to read co depending no more and check out Alanon meetings.


Thanks so much for sharing @Jason0323 <3 how did things go for you after your wife’s rehab stay?


Hi @Beccamarie1 - I’m glad to hear that your husband is getting help in rehab. This can be a tough time for everyone. I’m sure you already have a million other worries and concerns on your mind, so adding to them by wondering if he’s going to cheat on you will not be helpful. @Jason0323 is right - use this time to focus on yourself. Whether you’re concerned about him cheating or not, that won’t control his actions either way.


I agree but don’t be a half empty glass person though. It is a choice. If they love you they will tell you and true love conquers all. People in rehab also live with constant reminders and repeated depressed stories thus leaving them stressed and lonely. Some people can’t help themselves and It’s definitely a test. The faster you change your life and find people who are stable the sooner you will leave it behind. If someone loves you then you will know. You won’t worry about it and you won’t have time to. Make goals to be a better version of you everyday. It’s the fastest way and….you are the only one who can decide for you how to handle it.


Thanks for the question @Beccamarie1 - I definitely had many fears when my husband went to rehab. After being so connected during the lead up to rehab, and of course I was so thankful he was getting the help (finally) he so needed, but I also felt so alone. I didn’t even know what to think about and it felt so weird to be out of touch and watch them make relationships with others, who are also struggling. I love the advice on this thread about taking care of you! I learned to meditate and really leant into whatever it was I needed during that time. Please share with us how you’re doing as time goes by and what you find works for you.


Hi @Beccamarie1 - checking in here. Have you been able to focus on yourself while your husband is away at rehab? Has he returned or will be returning soon? Let us know how you’re doing.