So proud of my husband - any advice for a newbie so appreciated!



My husband flew out of state voluntarily for his 1st ever 30 day rehab for alcohol and an array of drugs😞 alcohol has been his issue for over 20 years he says it leads him to trouble! He left Jan 16th for a 30 day program yesterday was the 1st time I spoke to him since he left literally spoke for 3 minutes and he cried and apologized the entire time!! I didn’t here from him today I want him to focus on himself My heart breaks without him but I’m so so happy he’s getting the help he needed so desperately!! I have never been a drug user or drinker but my dad was😢 any advice for a newbie so appreciated


Glad you’re here, @KD_Costello, and that’s so great your husband has made such a huge step toward recovery. It’s a long, hard road, with lots of work ahead for both of you. My husband went to rehab for the first time a few years ago. Since then, there have been slips and relapses, lots of therapy - individual therapy for both of us as well as couples therapy - Al-Anon meetings, self care, all of it. My advice to you - let go of expectations. Recovery looks different for everyone, and sobriety doesn’t always mean all your problems go away. Take his time away as an opportunity to look inward, identify your own needs, and work on yourself. Take care - recovery is possible and there is always hope. :pray::sparkles:


Amazing news @KD_Costello and great to have you here!
While they’re in rehab it can feel so intense to have their presence (we’re so used to worrying about) released for a period. Take time to take extra care of you right now. Begin your healing process.

This is the real beginning of recovery.

Sending lots of love.

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