Success story...any others?



Just wanted to say thanks for everyone’s support on this site over the past year. This past weekend my S/O and I went to New Orleans to celebrate his 40th Birthday and over 50 days sober. I’ve talked a lot on my other posts of my severe anxiety regarding the trip and going through the many emotions of early recovery. Well we did it. We went to New Orleans during Mardi Grad completely sober. We attended two concerts, walked the streets, ate some amazing food, went on some very cool tours, and found an AA meeting everyday. He even got a visitors chip which was very cool. He said he saw more of the city in just one day sober than he ever did in the past three other times visiting drunk. It was magical. and I just wanted to share this success story. He’s at 2 months sober tomorrow. In December I honestly thought I was going to lose him. I still worry about relapse as it is still early on. But what this experience has taught me is that recovery is possible for anyone at any stage, no matter how grim or hopeless it might seem. I know I’ll still have my breakdown moments but today I am feeling extremely grateful and positive. I’ll never forget these 60+ days. :peace_symbol::heart:️ and sobriety.

Any other great recovery stories to share?


This is such a beautiful story… thank you so much for sharing. My husband is going through a very tough relapse right now, and it feels in many ways like the world is ending. In December, he went almost 30 days without alcohol, and it was the most beautiful and peaceful time in our relationship. Your post has reminded me to hold on to those memories, and keep faith that if it happened once, it can happen again. Thank you so much @Jess:pray:


How’s your husband? It’s so hard to remember the good times when things get bad. My S/O is still sober…almost 90 days! I pray everyday that if things get bad again I’ll still be grateful for all these wonderful memories and peace we have had during active recovery. :heart:


This is so beautiful, @Jess! I’m so glad you’re here and that you’ve been able to find peace and hope.

My recovery success story is just living that ordinary life now - family dinners, going to sleep and waking up with my husband next to me, doing the bedtime routine with our son together, splitting up cleaning and housework, planning for the future. All things I dreamed of when my husband was at his worst in active addiction. He still slips, but we’re still okay. Recovery is possible. :pray::sparkles:


Yay!! What a beautiful post, thank you for sharing!
We’re celebrating my husband making it to four months sober and the amount of gratitude I have for every day is astounding. Happy to have this space.


Aren’t the simple things so wonderful? I loved getting a pizza with him on Saturday and watching a movie with him. Those are best moments.


I’m so happy for you guys! My S/O will be at 90 days next week. I’m so grateful for these times. :heart: