What are ways to access suboxone treatment?



I’ve heard some doctors administer this vs others and insurance deals are different for this.


For those who have addiction impacting their life, the manufacturer of Suboxone Sublinguals has a website that you can print an Rx card to help with the cost of Soboxone, the most an individual will pay is [$5] per month. Of course if you are Medicare, Medicaid, or any other Federal program you don’t qualify, but I have not seen any state opting out of the program. If anyone finds other medications used to treat addiction that have a similar program, I would appreciate a note so I can pass it on to any and all who might benefit.


I can try and help you find that information. Where are you located?


Thanks @LisaMarie awesome you can help if anyone is looking in a specific area.


Right now the federal government and states are pouring money into the opioid treatment facilities. Some of them are starting programs now. Thankful !!!