What is your best argument/evidence for Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)?



There are so many people who oppose suboxone and other support medications. I have found some resources that are scientifically-based, but I would like more information from more sources.




My son was on Methadone, the problem we encountered was that some ongoing help after rehab such at half-way house, sober living was a no-go as they didn’t want the responsibility or couldn’t provide the transportation everyday to get them to the clinic to get the Methadone.


My brother used/s suboxone and I don’t believe that without it he would have had a chance at overcoming his addiction.


Recovery from all substances is such an individualized experience and the integration of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) should always be consulted with a medical doctor. It’s true that some are opposed to MAT in the addiction and treatment world, and that can certainly be discouraging when considering the use of medications to help treat addictions. MAT doesn’t do all the recovery work for the individual and research has shown that MAT combined with other evidence-based therapeutic practices and engagement in recovery support yields the best results.

When considering cutting down or stopping use of narcotics, prescription painkillers, heroin, or any other opioid drug, it’s important to keep in mind that the process may be more difficult than other substances due to the intense physical withdrawal symptoms that occur when one stops taking these substances. Being willing to get treatment is the first step in recovery, and prescribed medications can help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms that go along with stopping opiate use. Medications can help people get started in treatment and recovery making healthy lifestyle changes necessary for long term recovery, and with the coordination of treatment providers can find when the right time to discontinue the medication is for each individual. If you’d like more information on specific MAT types - ask as a new question and I’m happy to provide more info!

Here are some sources that provide information on MAT - you can click these two links below:

My brother was prescribed suboxone a few years ago and it helped him get off of heroin and fentanyl. Additionally he engages in individual therapy and community supports, and in my opinion it saved his life.


Hi Erica, Was your brother able to get off the suboxone?


Hey @LisaD, because of the intensity and duration of his opiate use, he is on long term suboxone maintenance therapy. The dose has been tapered down over the years. He continues to work with his therapist weekly, see’s his prescribing doctor monthly, and eventually they will work together to fully taper off of the suboxone.


My son has been on suboxone for a couple of years. Here were the benefits for him - 1) most importantly, he was willing to take suboxone (it was his idea) and has been compliant with going to the doctor for it, whereas he has been unwilling to consider in-patient rehab; 2) I think this medication has saved his life. He is at risk of overdosing without it. 3) He has a full-time job and is mostly financially independent. 4) He sees a doctor monthly and takes a drug test (which does come back positive at times), so we have a concrete way of knowing how he’s doing. There are also drawbacks - I don’t think he is the same person as he would be off the meds; he has not mastered the other aspects of long-term recovery, such as a stable support group and emotional sobriety; and I don’t know how or when he will be able to taper off the suboxone.


My husband was adamant after rehab and getting rid of the substances he’d been taking in that he didn’t want to take any more - even if they were to help with depression or sleep - he wanted to find his baseline again without drugs. This may have made certain aspects of his recovery harder, and MAT is still a question we ask ourselves even a few years on when his sleep is still disrupted.


My son failed st his first attempt with it But today is a new day and he starts a MAT ! Yes, he needs it to be able to live.