What will I do as I found out my partner slept with an escort and he now in rehab and I'm heartbroken


My boyfriend slept with an escourt just before he went to rehab and I’ve just found out and he is now in rehab what will I do


Oh no. Im so sorry.Its typical.addictive behavior.like I said .before.addicts compensate ,one drug to another… ( cheating.is a drug.too) to an.addict.with.addictions…( they are addicts because they havd addictive.personalities. Thats why there are words .in our.knowledgeable. dictionary. Called ( moderation…abstinence, and sobriety.(* sobriety.is only achieved.When the person. With the addictions. / addiction. ( wants it) Other than that( they don’t want it.) And continue there negative behavior.( I speak from experience here) And I’m not typecasting.Every addict.( as there all diffrent. ) But still addicts. And yes most alcaholics.are also.addicts of other drugs.including, sex.There are indeed sex addicts too. So.again.its.about setting your Safe boundaries. Real high. ( to protect you) And its about your life,too.And about what.you will and are willing to accept in your relationship. But.Again… Best advice with any addict. Whether in sobriety or not.is firm Bounderies.And No addict can ever go to sobriety. Stage./ Unless they have had there Rock bottom… ( very last chance thats given.(. This is The last resort. Before sobriety. ( can start.). Every addict. ( has to have a rock bottom) ( a huge wake up call) In order to.( start there.sobriety. Good luck. Keep your boundaries. / And values high. Of what. Makes you.Be you You can’t afford to drop.those. or you loose.My motto ,throughout my partners alcahol,addictions.and cheating. In rehab. Twice. And when he came home.( he hit on my freind in same room over a text message) while I was sat there.) And he smiled. Like nothing had happened. *( my loyal freind.while I was in kitchen.making coffees.( came to me and said I dnt know how to say this.but I have to. AS I know.this will hurt and devastate you.When I saw the text. I was just numb.in shock. ( Then she told me he had also hit on her before that. In person. ( year before. I,ended it.the next day…There was no going back. THAT. should of been his Rock bottom… ( you would of thought. ( as I had given him 4 years.of love patience.money.( taking him to physc. Appts.alcahol programs.bought him new clothes new shoes. Took him on holidays .etc.you name it i did it *( to show him other side of his life .outside of addiction. That could be.beutiful. But.he still. Shit on me. From great height. *( I am straight shooter.( dnt sugar coat shit). Main point in Story is you can do everything. And beyond what’s right. But untill they want to change :roll_eyes: you can’t do anything…only protect you.And your loved ones.Good luck. Xxx


Agreed that setting boundaries in any relationship is really important to maintaining a safe space for yourself, and making sure your needs are met. Take care of yourself. When one person in the relationship changes for the better, the relationship changes. Boundaries are tough to set and tough to keep but they are all we have to remain true to ourselves.