When do I call it quits?



My husband and I been married for 9 years. Five out of those 9 years, he has been an alcoholic. I have dealt with embarrassment from his behavior, shame, alienated as I have no friends left. I used to be attracted to him but his appearance is repulsive to me now. He has poor hygiene and smells. When he is sober and healthy he is great and I am attracted to him. But our kids behavior is going downhill as a result of his alcoholism. He left for rehab and has been back about a month and relapsed several times. He openly seeked to sleep with other women and got caught. He has ruined us financially. His family hates me and blames me for his problems. I am told I have over dramatic. The trauma I have experienced is ignored as I am called crazy and told it’s not that bad. I don’t have any support at this point and I am so unhappy. I know I need to leave and divorce him but he acts crazy and I’m scared. I have nothing and I feel like a fool.


You know
I decided that many years ago.
Is there a reason to stay
Write it down
Is there a reason to go
Write it down

Reach out for support to support groups and therapists

Keep in touch here.

You just need clarity and that comes from calm and sanity.

For years you have lived with insanity; it is infectious.

Where do you look for sanity?



Take care of you first. Find support groups such as Al-Non. Find a counselor. Seek help from your doctor. Find your happiness. Do what makes you feel good about yourself? You have been living just to survive. Find your peace and happiness and the rest will fall into the place it is suppose to be. Love yourself and your kids first.