Will the lack of communication ever end?


My boyfriend just returned home from a little over a month of rehab. I assumed that everything would be great, that he would’ve healed the parts of him that caused issues in the past for our relationship and (since he talked about the emotionally charged atmosphere of rehab) opened himself up to confronting emotional things he might not have before.

Since he’s been home not much work has been done on our relationship. To be fair, It has only been a day. It feels very similar to the way it used to minus the drug usage. He still prefers to be away from me. I’m not nagging or anything, he was out with his father this morning figuring out school stuff for the COVID-19 quarantine and I stayed at him doing my thing. But in terms of serious conversations or apologies, or really any effort relationship wise. None of that has happened . I am worried this falling back into the isolation routine will trigger him eventually. I’m still wondering if along this road he will ever show a little gratitude for the things I’ve done/do. I feel like I’m being avoided. I’m sure he has some guilt from the past still. But I feel like he just doesn’t care. It seriously feels like we are just back to square 1 and that’s very concerning!