Worrying if she will still love me - how to withstand the wait?



I am doing everything I can to try to make her stay positive and try not to be so needy of her calls but I am scared that she won’t love me when she gets out its really hurting me really bad. I try not to think about it so much but i am all alone in warren pa and I have nobody just to be there. I know its only 1 week and 6 days but it feels like every day is 3 days and every night is so long cause I wish she was by myside


@Kbremiller deep breaths friend, I know how hard this time can be while they’re in treatment, I think I’ve felt these exact feelings and had these exact thoughts. Try to use this time for your own self care. The recovery journey is only just getting started. What fills your cup? Meditation, exercise, friends and family, sleep, netflix? Do extra of whatever that is during this time.

Also, consider joining our weekly digital meetup (rsvp HERE) or our Course (enroll HERE) these will amp up your support and skills to take on the winding road of recovery with her <3