Your thoughts on vivitrol?


My loved one has been in rehab 2 weeks now and they offered him Vivitrol because of the many relapses and overdosed. I’m a little familiar with it from reading and also my old friend was on it for 6 months… Anybody here have had any experience with someone on it and what was the process and progress of it? I’m a little nervous but I do know it has saved many lives.


He received his shot today, I’m praying for him and us. He’s sore but nothing else, I will have to wait for when he gets back home to see for myself but he’s really positive about it over the phone.


Hi @Letty14,
I do not have personal experience with this medication. Just letting you know. It’s great that your loved one has two weeks in rehab. It’s all happening!
Do not fear- and getting smart about what each medication presents is a way to fight fear.:rabbit2:


@Letty14 that’s great! I think their attitude going into it is half the battle so it’s great that he’s thinking positively about it.


Thank you so much. I’m really happy he’s there. He sounds good. I’m just staying positive, not just for him but myself also.


@Letty14 My daughter tried Vivitrol years ago and it worked well for her - when she also “worked it”. There was a time in my life where I was extremely fearful of the medication assisted treatment options and I know it can be controversial, but my opinion today is that anything that would keep my loved ones from actively using something much more harmful, I’m in full support and agreement.

When my daughter was on Vivitrol, she was getting a monthly shot. If I recall correctly, they also required she check in regularly for side effect checks, and therapy was required. One thing I recall my daughter experiencing was the taper off at the end of the month, but they had some sort of plan to combat that. I think Vivitrol could’ve been effective for her had she kept up with it, but unfortunately she did not.

I love that you’re researching - that’s exactly what I did! An informed decision and means of supporting is great. Knowledge is power!



I totally agree with everything you said. Especially the ‘knowledge is power’ statement.


I myself am a little nervous for medication and I’m sorry to hear she went off it, a friend of mine did too and relapsed really hard til this day, I’m trying my best to understand if it’s the right decision but like you said anything is better than the drugs. He sounds really informed and positive about it, I didn’t know there was a huge process of a 10 day span which he has to do in order to find out if there’s any side effects or allergies before he takes the shot, so that I learned yesterday. I guess they are being cautious about it. Thank you for your response, very helpful.


My son spiraled for 3 months drinking so much that about every three days he went to the emergency room or detox. Finally, someone gave him a vivitrol shot and that stopped the cycle. He still drank/drinks, but less out of control behavior. And it does lessen towards the end of the month.


That sounds like some real relief @Michele. Your observation skills are sharp. I hope he continues to move toward health and connection.


What happens towards the end of the month? And I hope there is something for it…


@Letty14 I remember the waiting period with my daughter as well. They have to make sure before they start the shot that there’s nothing in their system. It’s good he’s in treatment where you know the waiting period can be met. With my daughter, I was super concerned that she wouldn’t make it through the waiting period w/o using. That’s the hard part.

I would be sure to ask about options for the end of the month when the strength of the shot starts to taper off. I’m not sure if it happens to all but since it sounds like @Michele had a similar experience with her loved one, it would be good to plan for that if it were to happen.


There is less in his system. Therefore it is no longer much help. He needs to take oral meds, naltraxone (spelling?) to keep enough in his system because the vivitrol wanes. He doesn’t do this though, so he can go right back to heavy drinking and other negative behaviors.