Has anyone had a spouse or significant other here that has been addicted to Meth?



Has anyone had a spouse or significant other here that has been addicted to Meth
Please give me more insight and yes agreed it is a disease and I have never dealt with this before I am really struggling as I said above
I am seeking help myself but really need to know how I can get him there again too


Yes. Dealing with knowing this for 2 years now. It is very hard. He always denies using despite all the obvious signs. He has been injecting for nearly 10 years. We have been together 5.5 years, but I thought he was bipolar until I found out a few months after he moved in. It is complicated by his bisexual party and play risky sexual behavior with men. Lots of betrayal. I wouldn’t wish this path on anyone. And when he is not using he is incredibly angry and mean.


@dcj Thanks for sharing here. What an exhausting situation. Big hugs and hope you’re able to do something for yourself this weekend.


I feel this so much too
Today was not a great day for me I’m exhausted and so done crying all the time lately , the denial the deceitfulness and I know he has cheated on me too I’m going absolutely nuts with this now having a hard time dealing with it I never thought he would ever do what I have caught him multiple times doing either I have been suspicious before and my gut doesn’t lie so he passed out after a few solid days awake and left his phone open so I couldn’t help myself but to look I meshed all those back and more or less told them to fuck off he’s married I don’t know how much more I can take
I thought I knew my husband he is not him right now I just want him back so bad it hurts, My Ex husband cheated on me too I left his ass but this is so difficult and different than that
I have looked up Nar-anon meetings in my area I think I’m going to attend one


@Seeking I hope you’re able to attend the meeting tonight. Let us know how it goes.


Went to my first Nar-Anon meeting I don’t talk to much but listened to everyone it definitely has opened my eyes to there being so many more familiar
With the disease
I will be attending again this week did let out a bit of a cry just feeling so sad lately . Supports from these groups are what’s keeping me going right now thank you all for being so amazing


I feel your pain my dear. I left a looser cheating husband just to wind up with a narcissistic heroin addict . Learning a lot of it has to do with my codependent ways and the garbage I accept in a relationship. Everyone deserves to be happy we need to build up our own self respect and live if ourselves then won’t find ourselves sitting around crying over partners who aren’t willing to change. Definitely attend a meeting it’s saved me! Hugs sent your way


@Seeking That’s so great to hear you went to a meeting! I definitely cried at my first Al-Anon meeting. It so helps to find community and share and listen. Sending hugs your way. :hearts:


I feel that so much too co dependency is a lot for me too , my ex husband is a supreme narcissist at its finest, I have so much more to tell the last 3 years have been really tough for me , I do truly love my current husband this stuff is just so much more heavy to deal with


And trust me if been so beat down before he was also very verbally abusive to me I came back from it I was over 300 pounds living with him for over 20 years after having 3 kids and change my life now living 100 pounds lighter all by myself