Has anyone had a spouse or significant other here that has been addicted to Meth?



I stayed far too long. He was manufacturing meth and using his “free” drugs constantly. It caused drug-fueled paranoia and schizophrenia. He no longer lived in reality. My 15-year-old shot and killed him when he decided I was his enemy and hit me with his fists. My son was charged with murder and I with drug manufacturing for distribution. It took over a year to get clear of the charges and see my son again. I had so many reasons to stay or at least that’s what I told myself. You did the right thing. I haven’t heard of anyone with a meth addiction who got sober. Maybe they exist. Keep running and don’t go back. Don’t be like me who “loved” him and thought I could make things right.


@Seeking this is tough stuff. Sending you hugs and healing wishes!


@seeking- I have a lot of admiration for you- I know leaving someone you love is so hard. I am not in the same situation but my son is a meth addict and I believe it is the worst drug out there because it is an endless cycle and it seems to be the most addictive drug out there. My son is in horrible shape and yet he isn’t even close to wanting to quit. He makes no sense most of the time, paranoid, and mean. He is not violent with me but he can barely function. He goes days with out sleep and thinks people are watching and chasing him. He has been to rehab so many times and it’s always the same- he gets out and literally runs to the drug. He doesn’t even care to go anymore. He has been hospitalized dozens of times, baker acted, arrested, jailed, and now pretty much homeless. I try to help him but that just sucks me into this vicious cycle that never ends. He ends up making me crazy too bc I can’t sleep either and then can’t function. The anxiety is overwhelming. I have come a long way and keep my boundaries but it is so hard! I applaud you for taking care of yourself. :clap:


Sending you love and somber understanding @mccoolbusiness24. That’s heavy and you did the right thing for you and your son. How is he doing? Is he the dad to the grandson who’s living with you currently? That is very high stakes living. Tell them, “Mother Theresa has left the building,” and take care of yourself. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you everyone for your kind words
I feel so much better already mentally and physically not sick anymore I have high hopes for myself I know I can do better now it’s time to heal