Substance Abuse and Mental Health?


After over a year of bringing him to the hospital or calling an ambulance and the hospital just sending him home he’s finally in a facility for substance abuse and mental health. My situation is complicated because for a long time I thought he had Auto Brewery Syndrome but couldn’t find any proof for this. I would ask again and again after you are your not drinking and he’d say no.

A few months ago I started finding vodka bottles and he said he didn’t remember buying or drinking them and again I believed him. I’ve known him 16 years and he was never mind of a drinker so I couldn’t imagine it.

I finally caught him and was both pissed and relieved. I begged him to stop as he was destroying our lives and he said he would. I took away his keys, credit card and locked the shed where I found his vodka.

2 days later I came home to him unconscious and called 911 again. At the hospital he had a .43, which is normal for him, he had a .478 once.

This time they called and said they wanted to get him into a facility and I was relieved he was going to get help. He’s doing well there when seems to be really glad to be getting help. His Dr told me they think he might have dissociation anxiety and he bipolar, which would actually explain a lot. I also found out from his daughter and ex wife that they remember him over the years smelling of alcohol and that even more makes me think something has been really wrong for a very long time.


Wow, thanks so much for sharing @Robnelzabeth please keep us posted on how things progress this will be very informative to the community here.

We often discuss how mental health and substance use interact, and particularly how hard it is to tease out one from the other. For example I thought my husband was bipolar during his active addiction and now that he’s been in recovery for 4 years he has leveled out and really a different state of his person. He has his quirks, but it took time to clear out the substance effects from his system and it’s no where like it was before with mania and depression - bipolar like symptoms.


This is the same person who posted this, I just couldn’t get into the site again with the same login.

The only reason I think this might be the real thing is he was put into a behavioral health clinic when he was a teenager for anxiety and depression, the same thing, but this was in the 70s or early 80s. I talked to his ex-wife and she stated a lot of the same stuff I’ve seen but she believes no drinking was involved.

I guess either way time will tell but I think they believe the mental health issues brought on the drinking.


I think there is most certainly a link between mental health and addiction. Often times addicts will use in order to escape pain, depression, anxiety, or other feelings they cannot control. It’s so important to address our mental health issues, learn how to feel the feelings and know they will pass, develop coping skills to deal with emotional triggers, etc.

I hope your loved one is doing ok. I’m glad to hear he’s getting help. :pray:t4::sparkles:


@bendandbreak yes of course! I didn’t mean to say in every case it’s that way. Just sharing my experience. Keep us posted on what you learn here as things evolve <3