Mental Health - resources and conversations


May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a chance to raise more awareness about the importance for everyone to take care of their mental health. I was just having a conversation the other day with my husband and asked - why don’t we get regular mental health checkups like we do physicals? Why don’t we get regular mental health tests the way we get bloodwork done?

Paying attention to mental health is especially important when we have a loved one with SUD - their mental and ours. Below are topics in the community that address addiction and mental health:

You can also check out the Self Care category to see conversations about tending to your own mental health.

For finding a therapist, I like using the Psychology Today website to find therapists near me.

What are some resources that you’ve found helpful? How are you taking care of your mental health?


Hi friends in @PeerGroup4 @PeerGroup5 @PeerGroup6 and @PeerGroup7 -

Mental Health- we are not immune at any point in life= there are times when we are carried by others and times when we carry others. My beef with the way western medicine diagnoses and stigmatizes is like this:

I go to see the doctor. He says, “how are you feeling?”
I say, “Ok, but I am a bit sad, my mother died last month, so I’m working through that.”
and Now- 10 years later - I have a box on my chart that says HISTORY of DEPRESSION. Well it isn’t that. Thank you very little. I was sad because my mom died. That IS normal.

So this is, to me, why people do not disclose. Because then future employers screen for this sort of thing and you get labeled and that is it. There is no outreach.

Whatever- our society seems slightly unable to accept that we all go through periods of happiness and sadness, loneliness and connectedness, etc. Grrrrrrrr.

On the other hand, since I do have bipolar/ alcoholic father and alcoholic everybody else, I guess it’s worth noting- but the stigma of the medical chart [without any follow up/on] really gets to me.