Being supportive while your husband is in rehab while processing all of the feelings and resentment



I guess my question here is, how can you be supportive of your husband in rehab while you are also processing all of the pain and negative emotions that you endured?

My husband is an alcoholic who is now 14 days into rehab. He sounds so positive and tells me his counselors are giving him great advice on how to make amends with me. He says we will have good long conversations about “us” when he is out. I know he is trying to better himself but I do feel resentment and that he is pushing our marital issues and all of the hurt this has caused to the back burner.

I understand the focus is on oneself in rehab so I guess I am just curious how others have coped or are coping during this time. It is certainly trying and I have been talking to a therapist. I hope that forgiveness is on the horizon but I can’t seem to shake the arguments and the yelling and the breaking of things and repeating what I asked, telling me I am wrong, falling asleep mid day and waking up in the late evening, commanding that “sit down and go to bed”, me asking for help and getting ignored…the list is long and it brings me back to memories of nights alone and crying myself to sleep.


I don’t have an answer for you but you’re not alone with how you’re feeling. I’m struggling with a lot of those same emotions from my husband’s alcoholism. There’s so much anger and sadness to work through. I feel like everything is still so raw and I just want to feel heard. So, I hear you and what happened to you matters too. ((hugs))


Hi @ttwiggie - You are definitely not alone. Big congrats to your husband for taking the steps to get help and go to rehab, and also to you for seeing a therapist and being mindful of your own needs during this time. Those are huge steps for both of you! :muscle:

I can’t think of anything specific that helped me cope when my husband was in rehab. It was just one step at a time. I started seeing a therapist. That was maybe the biggest thing that helped me during early recovery. I started reading a lot more about addiction and learning the effects it had on the brain. I started doing yoga and going to Al-Anon meetings. I journaled more. I started doing things to love myself again.

I remember getting very frustrated that things weren’t moving as quickly as I wanted them to. He went to rehab in 2016, but it still took another year before we really saw any positive change in our relationship. Recovery is not linear and rehab isn’t the cure all. It takes time and self work from everyone.

I hope that helps you. I’m sorry I can’t give you a direct answer but all I can say is keep going. Things get better, and recovery is possible.

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@Kelligraphy Thank you :pray: definitely helps to hear I am not alone, even though I would never wish these emotions on anybody. I can definitely relate to wanting to be heard too. What you are feeling definitely matters. :hugs: Hugs back atcha<3


hi there @ttwiggie - I’m not at all surprised to hear about your boatload of feelings and resentments. Even though your brain knows it a good thing for him to get better, you heart says, “gee, I want to go away to rest and regroup, too.” But you just can’t right now. Hang in there, it will get better, then lousy, then better again, and better still, and before too long- it will all seem worth it. Just keep on taking care of yourself and the people who love you will understand, and they will take care of themselves too.